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Jeremy ThompsonJeremy Thompson


Having 18 years of experience under his belt and 27 years of business experience,  Harker Heights website developer Jeremy Thompson founded Revolution Web Studios in 2007 in Austin Texas. With the passion that small businesses should be able to control how they want to communicate to their customers without being nickeled and dimed. Focused on offering small businesses a website that is unique, beautiful, custom and relational versus informational. Tailored website design and development to win customers now. Not cookie cutter designs that hundreds of other businesses use as apart of a huge company network. With high energy and passion he strives, pushes forward daily, and productive every minute to develop websites that impact, inspire and motivate to increase revenue and reach more real people.



Tyler RoderickTyler Roderick


Tyler is a Veteran who was stationed at Fort Hood Texas. Upon leaving the army he joined minds with Jeffrey Diaz for freelance Web Development, sound editing, advertisement, and video production. Marketing a relationally and intimate product is what he strives to give clients, along with building a relationship to be of better aid. He also would like the world to know he is joker's biggest fan, aside from batman.




Jeffery Diaz

Jeffery Diaz


Jeffery grew up loving computers and all they can do. Between his love of computer science, programming and cars he has proved himself at a level that very few reach. He and his wife Kendell has 3 dogs (Sammy, Zoey and Bubi) that they considers their children. . Jeffery is degreed as a Full Stack developer in Computer Science, programming and information systems. Very well versed in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Sass. He possesses 8 years of programming experience and of those 8 years he has 5 years of actual daily grinding work experience, working for big names such as Google and Credit Karma, developing in the real world. He is a chill dude that gets along with everyone and truly loves what he does. He states that it is a "minute-by-minute addition".



Amanda Lucas


Amanda is our quirky Executive sales and marketing engineer with a strong passion for leadership, success, and motivating others through her outgoing personality. She is not just a motivational presence in our our office, but she inspires through the understanding that it takes true connection within the business realm for companies to connect with their audience. Amanda is highly positivly engaging and makes the mix of what we do here at Revolution Web Studios extremely fun. Her experiences in marketing includes working with mediums of podcasts and live radio, live music promotions and music artists, models and venues, social media and also web designs! She is not affraid to connect with people in the respect of promoting your product and service while maintaining a  professional demeanor and socially fun attitude. This has allowed her to connect with many people from all over the world and amongst business people and customers alike.



Troy_RiceTroy Rice


Troy is our "digital darklord" at the level of 40 (he does not age, he just levels up 😉). He has been passionate about graphic design, and art for over 30 years and possesses the experience to go along with it. Whether he is photo editing, designing in animation programs, or creating content for our clients, he has the eye and an imagination for a wide range of styles in UX and UI designs. Everything he does from conception, creation and execution make Troy a relentless daily grinder that makes professional dreams and nightmares come to life. In his words, "My mind and hands are always busy, because there is no rest for the wicked!"



Alex_MonegroAlex Monegro


Alex was born into a family of designers, audio producers, and computer engineers. All of these influences jump started his curiosity of technology at a very young age. Since then, he has gained priceless knowledge from graphic design masters, audio engineers, and professional photographers all while attending school for Information Technology. He has over 8 years of graphic design experience and holds two official Adobe Certified Associate certificates; one for Photoshop and the other for Illustrator. Alex is very matriculate and has the ability to make unique, hand made and innovative designs from scratch. He believes that designing isn't a job, it's a lifestyle.



This Is YouThis Is You

Sales/Website Business Consultant

We're in hiring mode for website sales consultant, website business consultant... If you think you have a some talent and your a people person who loves business and want to take a growing website company to the next level, tell us why. If you're talented, we have a place for you. Email Us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "I Got Talent!"

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