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6 Reasons Why Hiring A Web Designer Will Benefit Your SEO Campaign (Blog Post)

At Revolution Web Studios, we provide web design services that help connect you with your audience. We believe top-quality web designs help improve the user experience (UX). Our design approach uses custom strategies to transform your page into simple, unique looks that best tell your brand's story. Straightforward designs help your audience know what your business does and how you can address their pain points.

You're likely wondering how web design can help impact your ranking on the search results page. Here are six reasons why hiring a web designer will help grow your SEO efforts:

1.) Improve Your Site's Speed

As designers update or build your website, search engines evaluate your site speed as an SEO ranking factor. Each second makes a difference in whether or not consumers will do business with you. When a page takes longer to load, the bounce rate will increase. High bounce rates tell search engines that consumers didn't have a good UX, which will cause your rankings to drop.

A Load Storm study shows that 1 in 4 visitors would leave sites that load longer than 4 seconds. The same report shows that 64% of shoppers who aren't satisfied with their site experience would go elsewhere in the future.

The Bing Speed Test and Google PageSpeed Insights tools can provide ways to improve your site speed. Optimizing your videos and images to the proper size can make a difference in meeting your page speed goals.

When website visitors can quickly access your page, they'll be more likely to pay you future visits. The search engines will take notice of your efforts and reward your site with higher rankings.

2.) Externalize Your Scripts

Search engines view sites through what is inside the HTML document. If Javascript and CSS are inside the document, it will see more code lines and be ahead of your content. Internal scripts can slow down search engine crawlers and cause your UX to suffer.

As web designers code your site, they'll place the scripts outside your HTML document. These measures will allow search engines to access the website content quicker and help attract your audience to your page.

3.) Block Unwanted Pages

A web designer can help disallow pages you don't want search engines to index. These pages add no value to your site's content and can contain server-side scripts. There are some website sections where you may be performing test designs.

If you expose these pages to web bots, your site could have duplicate content and weaker content density. These issues could hurt your search rankings and turn off site visitors.

You can use a robots.txt file to block bots from accessing those pages. If you have website sections you're using as a test center, look to use password protectors. Web development platforms like WampServer or JSP are other ways to address web crawling issues on test sites.

Using these methods helps your site only show content you want your audience to see and improves your SEO efforts.

4.) Adapt to Any Device

Sites with the best UX will exist across all screen sizes or devices. Responsive design helps you design your site to automatically scale your content to match the device's screen size. These adaptable features help users avoid adjusting their screens to view your content.

Search engines reward sites that are mobile-friendly and responsive to desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. According to Digital Examiner, 80% of the world's top-ranking sites are mobile-friendly. Responsive design gives your audience the best experience and grows your SEO game.

5.) Develop Search-Friendly URLs

Search-friendly URLs contain keywords that best describe a page's content and make your site more crawlable for search engine spiders.

As you decide on page URLs, don't use content management systems that use random numbers and codes. A solid CMS will give you the option to tailor your URLs so you can meet your needs.

6.) Create Fresh Content

Top-tier content is a website's star power that helps grab the attention of search engines and consumers. When working with a web designer, check that your site has a good content structure, like headings, subheadings, links, and paragraphs. Sites that have minimal or low-quality content tend to struggle in search results.

You can get past these issues with the best planning at the design stage. For images with text, look to use CSS background-image text replacement tools. If you do blog posts, make some room for excerpts of recent posts to place on each web page. As you make excerpts, avoid showing the entire posts, as they can cause duplicate content problems.

Search engines prioritize fresh content as it indicates your site is active. As crawl frequency increases, you'll have the best chance of attracting the right people to your site.

A Web Designer Can Help Grow Your Brand

At Revolution Web Studios, our web designers focus on creating websites that connect you with customers authentically. We use people-focused content, insights, and technology to build bridges between brands, products, and consumers.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you take the first step in growing your business through web design

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