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What is "Local" SEO?

If your business is trying to grow its brand online, you have likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO narrows internet searches down even further. With a physical address or designated service area, local SEO can help cater to searches within your community. Revolution Web Studios is here to help you reach your target audience with local leads through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO can do a lot for your business, including getting your name out there and grabbing the attention of potential customers. It helps rank your visibility on search engines. 

Revolution Web Studios provides various SEO services to help a customer's website rank online. We audit your website and select keywords that are relevant to your business. Our team provides on-site and off-site optimization and tracks results through analytical reporting. The ultimate goal of SEO is to experience increased sales, along with more potential clients finding your business online.

What Does Local SEO Mean?

While Revolution Web Studios works with companies of all levels, we specialize in small businesses. We often find that small businesses are companies with a local presence that serve their own community. This may include a car dealership, doctor's office or clinic, locksmith, flooring company, and retail stores.

What these companies have in common is they all rely on local customers within the community or nearby. Some customers may call the business out to their homes for service. Others often count on the brick-and-mortar location to shop in person.

Because the customers are local, the company's SEO and marketing focus is also centered on that specific area. It may be a city, a county, or a region of the state, but it won't be a global or national reach.

Location matters and having your business pop up first on a search engine means more customers at your door. Revolution Web Studios can help your website rank higher based on your specific location criteria.

We understand that when the competition is local, your pool of potential customers may be limited as well. 

How to Target With Local SEO?

If your business could benefit from local SEO to reach your audience, work with experts who understand the unique aspects of this marketing strategy. Marketing locally includes more than just using a city or other location in your titles and content. 

Revolution Web Studios can help you develop a solid strategy to reach your audience. Part of this strategy is getting search engines to recognize you as a local business. Additional parts of the process happen off-site through our technical experts and through content creation with the use of keywords and location. Creating content specifically for the local audience helps to target nearby customers. 

Linking is another aspect of SEO strategy. For a local business, including links from other high-quality businesses in the same area can add value to your ranking.

Social media and off-site advertising are additional targeting factors that can have an impact on SEO. The links and online presence your company has can increase your search frequency. Revolution Web Studios can help you utilize your preferred networking sites and advertising methods to help enhance your business. 

Does Expert Knowledge Make a Difference?

Because the competition can be fierce for local SEO, we want our customers to have the upper hand with our years of experience. The team at Revolution Web Studios knows that effective SEO targets people instead of bots. We understand that user experience is a critical element in any online marketing strategy.

We use white hat techniques, meaning that they're approved by search engines and won't penalize you for tricks or unethical behavior. Our goal is to help you move up the rankings with a website that attracts visitors. The ultimate goal is to convert those visitors into customers and motivate them to take action. 

What Are the Results of SEO?

When you partner with Revolution Web Studios, we work with you to develop a strong online reputation. Our web developers and SEO experts work together because we know both sides affect your site's success. 

Our SEO team provides keyword research based on your location and your customer reach. This helps move your business up the ranking ladder.

Once your website is up and running, our team can conduct regular audits. We work to further improve your ranking, monitor website traffic, and reach your target audience.

Get Local SEO Help From the Experts

If you want to gain new customers and build brand awareness for your local business, work with a team that understands local SEO. Revolution Web Studios works with small businesses to develop an effective SEO and marketing strategy. Developing a solid online presence can help your business gain authority in your industry and local community. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of local SEO.

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